• Reading in Fifth Grade

    1.   Whole Group Reading Instruction:  The entire class is exposed to grade level literature and skills.  This is where reading skills are introduced and practiced. All students read the same literature. You can find more information about this topic on the Whole Group ELA Instruction section which is located below.

    2. Leveled Reading Groups:  Small groups of students explore literature at their individualized levels.  Skills from whole group reading are previewed, reviewed and practiced.

    3. Independent Reading -  Students utilize the school and classroom libraries to practice making choices about literature and to read at their own interest level.  Students silent read for a sustained amount of time.  This occurs during school and at home. Students will be expected to read for at least twenty minutes per night at home.  Read our Book Log section to read how students complete their reading choices.

    Whole Group ELA Instruction


     Our district has adopted the ELA Curriculum Modules that have been made available by New York State. 

    These modules will provide the content of the instruction in reading as well as some science and social studies.  

    Whole group reading instruction will comprise about 40 minutes of every day.  

    During reading instruction, students will be engaged in reading complex, rigorous text.  Much of the text that will be read is non-fiction.  Students will practice their "close-reading" skills, read independently, read with a partner or small group, and listen to passages read aloud. 

    There are four ELA modules for fifth grade. 

    Each module contains:

    * a central text as the focus.  Before reading the central text, students will be engaged in a variety of activities intended to build their background knowledge of the topic.  These activities may include watching and analyzing short videos, reading shorter passages, and doing short-term research projects.

    *a science or social studies base.  Some science and social studies topics will be explored during ELA time.  However, this will not comprise the entire science and social studies curriculums so a separate time for these areas will be designated.               

    *homework.  While we are reading the central text for the module, students will have a nightly reading assignment.  Most of the time, this will be followed with a quiz the next day.  These quizzes will be graded, so completing the assignment is critical.  Also, the lesson for the next day will build off of the reading done the previous evening.  In addition to this reading, students may have other ELA homework that may include sharing their new learning with someone at home and getting feedback to share the next day. All of these assignments will be written in your child's agenda.

    Click here to view our Reading Curriculum 






Last Modified on April 20, 2016