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    Students will be expected to read at least five books each quarter for a total of twenty books over the course of the  year (one book every two weeks).  Ten of these books will be chapter (fiction) books and ten will be non-fiction.  During the first week of school we will spend a great deal of time on how to select a book.  We will discuss picking a book that is interesting and that is not too easy or too hard to read. Once a student finishes reading a book they will be  required to complete a  book report.  Students will have several choices for completing the book report.  This is how credit will be earned toward the goal of twenty books. 

    Please follow the steps below:

    Book Log Guide:

    Here are the steps that you will follow to complete a book report.


    1.     Pick a book to read.  Remember how we talked about picking a book that is right for you. 


    2.    Give your book to Mrs. Wright or Mrs. Holmes for her approval and your due date. (You must complete one book report every two weeks.)


    3.    Get your book and due date approved by your parents.


    4.    Put your book, approval sheet and some paper in your book log folder.


    5.    Take your book home with you every night and to school with you every day.


    6.    Read for at least 20 minutes every night. You can read by yourself, you can read to a sister or brother, or someone can read to you.


    7.    When you finish reading your book, work on your book report.


    8.  Use the rubric to edit your work.


    9.    Hand in your work.


    10.    Pick another book and start over.


    Each book report will be graded using the rubric. 

    You can click on each link below to download and print the form. 
                                                                                          non fiction  Non-Fiction Rubric
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