• The SAT

    Students should begin taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) during their Junior year.  All students should have taken the SAT at least once by November of their Senior year.  Most colleges will be looking for either an SAT or ACT score. 

    The 2016-2017 SAT Registration Fees

    • SAT- $45
    • SAT and Essay- $57
    If you register after the deadline, there is a $28 late fee that is added.

    2016-2017 SAT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines

    October 1, 2016                                

    • Deadline- September 1, 2016

    November 5, 2016                            

    • Deadline- October 7, 2016

    December 3, 2016                             

    • Deadline- November 3, 2016

    January 21, 2017                               

    • Deadline- December 21, 2016

    March 11, 2017                                 

    • Deadline- February 10, 2017

    May 6, 2017                                     

    • Deadline- April 7, 2017

    June 3, 2017                                     

    • Deadline- May 9, 2017

    The easiest way to register for the SAT is online at

    There is a ton of information on this website, including practice tests (which are FREE!!!), registration dates, SAT questions of the day, college searches, scholarship/financial aid information and college planning information. 

    If you register online, you will also have the ability to view your scores as soon as they are available.  You can also have your scores sent to colleges of your choice (4 initial schools are included in the cost of the SAT- additional score reports for colleges are avaliable for an additional cost).  When you register online, you will need to pay by credit card.  However, if you are unable to register online, students may pick up a paper registration booklet in the Counseling Office (please keep in mind that quantities of the paper version are limited.

    During the Junior year, students will sit down with Mrs. Cameron and create a collegeboard account user name and password.  If students forget their information, it is on file in the Counseling Office.  Please DO NOT create a second account!

    Here are some helpful links for the most up to date SAT information!