The Stockbridge Valley Central School will incorporate technology and telecommunications into its instructional program in order to:
    • Integrate technology into a student-centered, learning-focused PreK-12 curriculum.
    • Expand learning opportunities for students, staff and the community.
    • Access and analyze information to make informed decisions.
    • Enable and encourage communication and collaboration between students, staff, parents and the community.    
    • Understand the capabilities and applications of technology as a tool for life-long learning, creative expression and meaningful employment.
    • Provide a learning environment that is flexible and responsive to change.
    Technology Plan
    At SVCS, we are proud to be able to provide our students with quality educational experiences using Instructional Technology. Technology is ever evolving.  We are all continually growing and learning.  We strive to find new ways to use technology for the optimum benefit of students.
    We regularly review the  Technology Plan to assure that we make optimum use of district resources.