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    Stockbridge Valley Central School has one building which houses approximately 450 students in grades Pre-K through 12. The community residents possess a strong belief in education and support the District in positive educational endeavors. The Stockbridge Valley Central School District is a rural community comprising agricultural farms and small businesses. The District has a 53% free and reduced population, a 94% attendance rate and enjoys the cultural diversity that all students bring to the school and community. The student body population consists of 1.25% American Indian/Alaska Native, 2.5% Hispanic, 3.25% Multiracial, and 93% White. The Stockbridge Valley Central School District has high standards for student achievement and offers a well-rounded variety of instructional programs.



    The Stockbridge Valley Central School District is located in Madison and Oneida County, New York and is a community of approximately 2,100 residents. The district serves the townships of Augusta, Eaton, Lincoln, Oneida, Munnsville, Smithfield, Stockbridge, and Vernon. Located midway between Utica and Syracuse, about 25 miles from each, on Williams Rd., it offers easy access to urban areas. Stockbridge Valley is located within close proximity to SUNY Morrisville, Hamilton College, as well as Colgate University.






    Pre-K- 12 Enrollment: 450 (approximately)
    Attendance Rate: 93%
    Budget: $12,233,610
    Free/Reduced Lunch: 56%
    Students with Disabilities: 14%
    Schedule (Gr. 7-12): Modified Block Schedule: Using a two-day schedule, students take at minimum six 83-minute classes and one 40 minute class. All courses are                                           year-long, each class meets every other day. Students have the opportunity to accelerate in math beginning in grade 8. 
    Report Cards: Quarterly
    US News Bronze Recognition (2009, 2013) (2023)

    National Showcase School for Capturing Kids' Hearts® (2023)