• Teacher Clipart Mrs. Laraby and Mrs. Brazie have established extremely fair and realistic rules in which we expect ALL of our Fourth Graders to follow. There is no negotiating when it comes to demonstrating the following rules on a daily basis…



    Rule # 1: I am responsible for all my actions and behaviors today.                                                 


    Rule #2: I will work hard, listen, and learn.


    Rule #3: I will respect myself and others.                                                  


    Rule #4: I will be a good citizen by doing what is right. 


    Rule #5: Take responsibility for all personal choices and actions.


    Rule #6: I will try my best and be all that I can be.




    Rewards & Consequences



    Students who display positive behavior on a regular basis will continually receive classroom rewards, prizes, privileges, etc. Students who display negative behavior on a regular basis will continually receive a loss of anny given free-time, invitations to classroom celebrations/parties , and other privileges. We have a NO-TOLERANCE policy for students that choose to disrupt and negatively impact other students’ ability to learn and enjoy being in school. These students will be removed from the classroom immediately and further actions will follow per the principal's recommendations.

Last Modified on November 14, 2018