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     Homework Folders: This folder will be the lifeline between school and home.  This folder will be used to transport homework, notes, important papers, behavior logs, and other school information. This folder must go home each night and returned to school each morning.  Please discuss the importance of making sure your child does this, and remind them that it it their responsiblity to take care of their homework folder. 





    Homework Assignments:
    Each of the following activities are assigned on Monday, and are due on Friday morning.  

                     1. Spelling


                     2. Math                          


                     3. Reading   






    Homework Expectations, Rewards, and Consequences: All students who complete assigned homework by Friday each week, will recieve "Fun Friday" time on Friday afternoon.  Students who do not complete assigned homework, will be expected to make up the missing assignments during class time on Friday.  



Last Modified on October 23, 2018