• Kindergarten homework is a review of what we have already learned in class.  The puropse of the homework is to reinforce the skills we are learning, give them the responsibility, and get use to the routine of doing homeowork.  Your child should be able to complete the homework with minimal help, and should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.  If your child is struggling with the homework please let me know.

    Anytime the "Homework Bag" is sent home, the homework inside must be completed and returned the next day.  Please keep the crayons/gluestick/etc. in the homework bag!    I do not send homework on weekends, with the exception of a few family actvities throughout the year. 

    Weekly homework: A math or ELA worksheet will be sent home in the Homeowork Bag.

    Popcorn Words: We will begin learning "Popcorn Words" (sight words) at the end of September.  There are 35 Popcorn Words, and we will learn 2-3 words a week until February. I will add new words to the pack as we learn them. Your child needs to practice the words 5 out of 7 days, and you will be asked to initial the days he/she practices them.  PLEASE return the Popcorn Words on a daily basis.  

    Book in a Bag: From time to time your child will bring home a "Book in a Bag".  As we progress throughout the year the books will come home on a more regular basis.  Please have your child read the book to you more than once.  You can keep the "Book in a Bag" a few days, then sign it and return it to school so another book can be sent home.

    Absent: Any time your child is absent the classwork he/she missed may need to be sent home for homework, even on the weekend.