• In our classroom I expect all students to...

    • be respectful
    • use your manners
    • demonstrate Full Body Listening: eyes watching, ears listening, voice quiet, body still 
    • Always try and do your best!


    We use the "Clip It" Behavior Chart.  Each day the take home folder will let you know how your child's behavior was at school.  There is a full explanation of the "Clip It" Behavior System on the back of the Take Home Folder.


    We read the book "Have You Filled A Bucket Today?"  I reward positive beahvior by filling our classroom bucket.  When the bucket is full we have a celebration.  It may be popcorn & a movie, bring a toy to school, pajama day, etc. 

    The students each have a bucket to fill on their desk.  When I catch them making good choices I fill their bucket.  Once their own bucket is full they get a prize from the treasure box.  

clip it