• Readers Workshop: 

    We will be using Lucy Calkin's Units of Study for Readers and Writers Workshop this year. Throughout workshops, students will grow as readers, writers, speakers and independent thinkers. I am looking forward to nurtuing flexible, resilient readers who read for pleasure as well as for academic purposes. 

    Readers Workshop Topics: 
    Character Analysis 
    Critical Literacies
    Writers Workshop:

      “The Common Core State Standards call for high levels of writing proficiency. Meeting these standards requires a planned, sequential, explicit writing program, with instruction that gives students repeated opportunities to practice each kinds of writing and to receive explicit, assessment-informed feedback at frequent intervals.

    -Lucy Calkins 

    Writers Workshop Topics: 
    Personal Narrative 
    Literary Essays 
    Research-Based Information Writing

    Grading System:

    Test/Quiz/Project: 40%

    Writing: 40%

    Homework: 10%

    In- class participation and work: 10%