• Discipline


    • I have a classroom wide behavior plan in place for all students.  We work on a 3 strike system for behavior as well as a 3 blurt system for talking in class.  On the homework sheet you will see a line for strikes.  You will never see 1 strike written on the sheet since 1 strike is meant to put the child on notice, a warning to them to shape up for the rest of the day.  More severe behavioral issues can result in skipping over strike one at my discretion.  If your child makes multiple bad choices throughout the day and gets multiple strikes throughout the day, that will be indicated on the homework sheet as well as a little note telling what the infractions were. 


    • For students that can’t help but blurt things out while I am talking, we have the blurt chart.  Every 3 blurts turns into 1 strike.  This is another reason to be sure to check the homework sheet every night and initial it so I know that you have seen it.

    Punch Cards


    Students receive holes in their punch cards for meeting certain goals throughout the year such as for every 5 homework assignments that are done well, for getting their homework folder signed all 5 days, and for being good teammates.  They can cash in a punch card once it has 10 hole punches for various incentives/rewards.


    • Positive choices = positive consequences, Negative choices = restitution.

    Class Dojo

    For those of you have access to a computer and/or a smart phone, I will be using Class Dojo as a communication tool this year.  I will be notifying you of multiple strike days as well as what they were for as well as using the instant messaging service to make quick contact with all parents signed up.  I will be continuing to tweak the program to provide the best communication experience with the least amount of maintenance.