•  Instructor: Mr. DeBraccio

    2015-2016 Classroom Procedures 
    1.         Entering the room

    - Pick up assignment on the counter and begin working. It will be a graded assignment.


    2.         When you are tardy

                - You must have a pass to enter the room.

                - You are responsible for making up any missed work.


    3.         Class dismissal (end of the period)

                - The bell does not dismiss you the teacher does.


    4.         When you are absent

                - You are responsible for getting notes and missed assignments from the teacher.


    5.         Changing seating assignments

                - Can and will be changed frequently if needed


    6.         Notebooks and Agendas are a grade

                - Keep your notebook and Agenda organized with all papers, handouts,  homework, etc…


    7.         Knowing the schedule for the day

                - Posted each day on the chalkboard top right.


    8.         When school announcements are made

                - Stop everything and listen


    9.         Headings on all papers

                - Complete name, date, and assignment on paper.


    10.       Responding to a fire drill

                - single file out the back door into the parking lot.


    11.       Cell Phones

                - All Cell phones placed in bins before you are seated.