(Students can earn 10 point per class)

    Preparation (2pts) Student changes from regular cloths into PE cloths. This includes a t-shirt/sweatshirt, athletic shorts/athletic pants, and sneakers w/socks. No jewelry, headphones, cell phones. All belongings are locked in locker.

    Present (2pts) Student is in class for the entire period.

    Behavior: (2pts) Student is respectful of all classmates and helps others when needed. The student is positive, plays fair, follows safety rules, respects equipment, and models self control.

    Prompt: (2pts) Student has changes and is ready to participate within 5 minutes of late bell.

    Participation: (2pts) Student actively engages in activities to the best of their individual ability.


    Quizzes: (10pts) Students will be given quizzes at least once per marking period and whenever it is necessary to test for current level of understanding.

    Attendance: Excessive absence is considered more than 3 missed classes for any reason within a single marking period. Any student that exceeds 3 absences will be given an opportunity to make up missed classes by completing a 1 page article review for each missed class in excess.

    Medical: Student removed from class due to a medical concern for more than 1 week will be asked to complete a research paper.