•  5th & 6th Grade Intramurals

    What do we do?!
    Intramurals is a time for 5th & 6th graders to get out a little more energy. It is a program that is run in 5 week increments on Tuesday & Thursdays from 2:40 til 3:15. There will be FOUR sessions through out the school year. Students must sign up for each session. A letter will come home to inform students when each next session will begin.
    1st Session:
    During the 1st session students participated in a variety of activities. These activites included; dodgeball, capture the flag, capture dodge, scatter dodge, steal the jewels, 10 base kickball, german kickball, and castleball. Please click the link (Intramurals Pics) to see the kids enjoying the first session of intramurals!!! :)
    Session 1