• Science Clipart             Topics Covered in 4th Grade Science:

    Characteristics and Needs of Living and Nonliving Things

    Traits of Living Things

    Characteristics of Animals

    Characteristics of Plants


    Response and Behavior

    Life Cycles of Plants

    Life Cycles of Animals

    Growth of Plants and Animals

    Obtaining Food

    Humans and Their Environments


    Water Cycle


    Extreme Natural Events

    Earth, the Moon, and the Sun

    Classifying Matter

    Changes of Matter

    Types of Energy

    Transferring and Transforming Energy

    Mechanical Force

    Simple Machines


    * Each topic is paired with reading passages, and hands - on activities. *

    ** Science experiements as well as BOCES Science Kit are used sparadicatley throughout the year as well.  *







Last Modified on June 13, 2017