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    For the Week of 10/23 - 10/27:

    Monday/Wednesday/Friday - Students will be researching the Native Americans of New Stockbridge, as well as researching to prepare their Slides presentations on local haunted establishments - to be presented on Halloween! 


    Local History Course Outline

    Course Description:

    How many of you have ever thought that “nothing cool has ever happened” here in Stockbridge Valley?  In this course, you will learn how to think like a historian, and will gain an understanding of the historical happenings in Madison County and New York State, and how those events impacted the growth and progress of our town and county over the last two hundred years.  We start out together learning about the earliest settlers and events in Madison County history, but from there students will have the opportunity to embark on and present their own historical inquiries.  Students will be encouraged to examine events in New York State history as well as the nation as a whole, as they had a significant impact on the development of our town and county.  Topics for historical inquiry can include, but are not limited to…

    • The Stockbridge Indians
    • The Loomis Gang
    • The Iroquois Confederacy and the French & Indian War/American Revolution
    • Madison County Agriculture/Hops
    • The Oneida Community
    • Genealogy
    • The Civil War and Madison County
    • The Erie Canal

    What is the purpose of teaching local history?

    • To learn about the past from two different perspectives – how national, and even international events impacted our region, and the perspectives of those that lived through these events. Gaining an understanding if how these events impacted our area will enhance student interest in the larger subject of ‘history’.
    • Yes, important, even significant, history-altering events did happen; literally in your own back yard!!!


    What are the goals of this course?

    • You, the student, will be 100% involved in the learning process.
    • How to properly analyze and interpret primary documents.


    What skills will you have gained upon completion of this course?  You will be able to…

    • Identify and collect artifacts related to key themes or events in regional and American history.
    • Analyze and describe primary resources.
    • Locate primary and secondary sources that are related to other primary sources.
    • Compare and contrast sources to identify relationships between documents and artifacts, and events in national, state, and local history.
    • Digitize your findings and analyses for public and/or Internet presentation.
    • Understand historiography as a process parallel to the scientific method.
    • Understand and articulate the relationships between national, state, local, and personal history.
    • (Adapted from http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/lessons/local/)
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