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Message from the Superintendent



No one can deny how well our winter sports teams are doing! Every time I begin to think that I could not be any prouder of these athletes, they prove me wrong. I am thrilled for them that they have all advanced to sectionals. I am proud because of HOW they have played. The athletes have demonstrated unmatched drive, focus, and perseverance. They continue to treat their opponents with respect and good sportsmanship. Above all, they play with a winning ATTITUDE; they BELIEVE and FEEL they can win.

Among the many debates in education, one comes to mind. Does culture trump strategy or does strategy trump culture?   Most may say that you need both, which is true; however, which do you need first? Educators understand the importance of academics, while realizing that academics are only one part of a success story for students. I support our sports programs because it is on a team that students learn life-long lessons. To mention a few, how to work with a group, share a passion and a purpose, understand that decisions are for the advancement of the team, and quite possibly the most difficult learning is sacrifice. There will always be times on a team when an individual may need to understand that they must give up something to benefit the team. I applaud our athletes for learning and demonstrating this culture to all of us. I thank and congratulate our coaches for supporting them.

In my humble opinion, culture is the foundational beliefs held close to a community. The culture is the glue. It is necessary for a community to have a unified culture for advancement to occur. Our athletes continue to demonstrate this concept as they inspire the very best in each other. #prideinthebridge #cougarnation #welcometotheden #cougarpride

Cindy Stocker
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I welcome your thoughts. It always broadens my own thinking to discuss these concepts. Here are a few articles on both sides of the debate that you may want to read.