• Environmental Science**

    Credit: 1
    This course is designed for students interested in conservation careers, environmental conservation, ecology and other environmentally related areas.  Students are introduced to basic ecological systems of the environment and how humans affect the environment.  This project-centered course teaches students to identify and analyze environmental programs, evaluate the risks associated with these problems and examine alternative solutions to resolve or prevent them.

    Topics that will be covered are

    • Introduction to Environmental Science
    • Ecosystems and Biomes
    • Soils
    • Water recourses
    • Air quality
    • Energy
    • Wildlife managementPopulation ecology
    • Waste management

    Classroom Rules
    • Be on time and prepared with
    • good attitude
    • notebook
    • Please and Thank you
    • No cell phones
    Follow the three R’s
    • Respect for yourself
    • Respect for others
    • Responsibility for ALL your actions

     Safety First!!

    • Follow all safety rules at all times
    • You are responsible for everyone’s safety
    Privileges are earned
    • Bathroom
    • Outdoor labs
    • Fun activities

    • Notebooks and nature journals can be left in the room
    • Time will be allowed in class to complete most assignments, if you do not complete an assignment during time allotted, it is your responsibility to finish it on your own time.
    • If you are absent it is your responsibility to get notes and complete any work assigned while you were out.We will be spending time outside throughout the semester. I will do my best to give you notice a day in advance. On these occasions you must be dressed appropriately for the weather and no open toed shoes.


    Class average will be based on:
    Classroom work, labs and projects
    Tests and Final
    Nature Journals



    ** This is a dual credit course through Morrisville State College; we will be following the ENSC 100 course outline. Some modification will be made to better fit our class.  Credit is available through TC3