• Career and Financial Management

    Career and Financial Management

    Credit: 1

    Students will be informed of their financial responsibilities as citizens, students, consumers and active participants in the business world. They will discover new ways to maximize earning potential, develop strategies for managing resources, explore skills for the wise use of credit and gain insight into the different ways of investing. The course will emphasize real life situations and applications reflecting current trends and issues consumers face in the marketplace.

     Some Topics that will be covered are

    Checking accounts
    Income tax                                                                 
    Career planning
    Resumes and cover letters   
    Plus much more
    Classroom Rules
     Be on time and prepared with
      • good attitude
      •  pen or pencil
      •  notebook
      • Please and Thank you
      • No cell phones
    Follow the three R’s
      • Respect for yourself
      • Respect for others
      • Responsibility for ALL your action
    Time will be allowed in class to complete most assignments, if you do not complete an assignment during time allotted, it is your responsibility to finish it on your own time.
    If you are absent it is your responsibility to get notes and complete any work assigned while you were out.
    Notebooks can be left in the room.


    • Class average will be based on:
    • Classroom work, labs and projects
    • Tests and Final