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    I am available for extra help from 2:40-3:15 Monday through Thursday. On certain days, I may be unavailable due to meetings, so please check with me in advance. 

    I am also available by appointment during the following times:
    5th Period - 11:13-11:55
    8th Period - 1:58-2:40
    *Please be sure to have a pre-signed pass  before coming to see me. 
    Parent Portal Help! 
    What do the symbols in my grade book mean?
    FL = missing assignment (counts as a zero)
    AB = student was absent for this assignment (counts as a zero until made up)
    R = student was asked to redo this assignment 
    L = assignment was late and cannot be corrected 
    Z = student is unable to make this assignment up and will receive no credit for it
    EX = student is exempt from this assignment and will not be penalized for not completing it
    C = student corrected this assignment and this is the new grade