• Common Core Algebra 2

    Recommended for grades: 10-11

    Building on their work with linear, quadratic, and exponential functions, students extend their repertoire of functions to include polynomial, rational, and radical functions. Students work closely with the expressions that define the functions and continue to expand and hone their abilities to model situations and to solve equations, including solving quadratic equations over the set of complex numbers and solving exponential equations using the properties of logarithms. The Mathematical Practice Standards apply throughout each course and, together with the content standards, prescribe that students experience mathematics as a coherent, useful, and logical subject that makes use of their ability to make sense of problem situations.
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  • The course your child is enrolled in, Common Core Algebra 2, is the last mathematics class required for an Advanced Regents Diploma. This class is also the most challenging. Please encourage your child to take advantage to extra help time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s after school.

     As required by the state, a graphing calculator must be made available to all students enrolled in this course. We will be using the TI-84 PLUS calculator in class. If you wish to purchase a calculator, please feel free to do so. The calculator retails for about $100 and can be purchased at various stores in the area.

    We at Stockbridge Valley understand that we are all facing tough economic times. We also want to ensure that all students have what they need in order to be successful. If a student does not purchase a calculator then they will be issued one. Each calculator has its own unique serial number, so there will not be any question as to who was issued what calculator. This calculator is the  student’s responsibility. If the issued calculator becomes lost, stolen, or broken, it must be replaced with a new calculator at the student’s expense.

    Additionally, all students will need the following materials:

    1 large – 3 ring binder


    Notebook paper or spiral notebook.

    Mathematics is a skill. Like any skill, it needs to be practiced. Homework plays a major part in the practicing of this skill. I typically give homework daily. The next class meeting we will go over the homework. It will not be collected. It will graded using the following scale:

                                                    1 = all expectations were met

                                                   .5 = some expectations were met

                                                    0 = very few or no expectations were met.

    Even though it is not being collected, the homework grades will be recorded and will count as 20% of their grade at the end of each marking period. Not attempting the homework could be extremely detrimental to their average.

    Please note late homework will ONLY be accepted after an excused absence. Your child’s grade will be calculated as follows: 20% - homework, 35% - quizzes, and 45% - unit exams.