• Social Studies 7
    "Those who are not challenged do not learn."
    Reminder:  Keep an eye on the calendar - it will display when assignments are due.
    What we're covering this week:  
    Monday - FridayChristopher Columbus - innocent or guilty of committing crimes against humanity?  Trials will take place this week! 
  • The 7th Grade American History curriculum focuses on the study of United States History from the Era of Exploration to the beginning of the Civil War. 
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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

  • Social Studies 7 

    Mrs. LaFave



    Welcome!  I am excited about having you in my class!  As an overview of what will be expected of you and where we are going this semester, I have created this outline as a brief introduction.  This outline highlights some of the questions that I’m sure you’re wondering about, but feel free to ask ANY questions that you may have as we review this outline together. 


    Course Description:  This semester we will be studying United States History.  The timeframe that we will be reviewing will begin briefly before the Colonial Era through the Civil War.


    Supplies Needed for Class:

    3” three-ring binder or accordion-style folder (you will be building a portfolio as part of your final grade for this class – see below)

    Binder dividers (if applicable)

    Writing implement/notebook paper, DAILY

    Colored pencils


    You must have all supplies by Monday, September 11th.  If this is going to be an issue, please see me a.s.a.p.


    Attendance & Homework:  See SVCS attendance requirements. 

    It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the your folder or see me to get missed notes and make up missed work/tests/projects.

    Nearly all assignments/quizzes can be re-done/corrected for a higher grade (unless we go over the answers in class).  This work must be made up in my room (to keep everyone honest) at a time that is agreeable to both of us.  There will not be any exceptions to this policy (unless you work with a resource teacher) – if the work is not completed with me it will not be accepted.  Unit exams cannot be corrected.

    I do accept late work, however, once I hand graded work back, such work must be completed with me or it will not be accepted.  All back work and corrections are required to be turned in within one week of the original due date.  

    To avoid confusion, it is suggested that you inform me ahead of time if you know that you are going to be absent, and if possible, turn in the assignment that will be due the day you miss class.

    You will only be able to turn in back work/corrections for grading ONCE.


    Daily Requirements: 

    Come to class on time, prepared and ready to go when the bell rings.  Refer to the daily agenda on the board, and comply with the instructions.

    Have your binder and course work/packets with you every day.  Class will not wait for you and you are still accountable for what you miss.

    Also be prepared to participate in class discussions (all three are part of your effort/participation grade).

    • Have your ChromeBooks with you every day - cell phones can be used for instructional purposes, but you need to ask permission first. 


    Classroom Behavior: 

    I expect all members of the class to show respect to one another.  I will not talk while you talk, and I don’t expect you to talk during class lessons. 

    If you want your voice to be heard, please RAISE YOUR HAND!!! 

    No assigned seating…unless it becomes necessary.  J

    Most class work will be completed with a partner/group.  If you are unable to be productive, mature, and participate in this manner, this privilege may be temporarily taken away.  This means that you would then be doing twice the work – alone.  L



    Grading:  The number and nature of assignments will vary each marking period.  Therefore, it is essential that you consistently put forth maximum effort.  Grades will be calculated as follows: points earned/possible points.

    Plagiarism or cheating on any assignment, quiz, or test will result in a zero for that assignment, and possible disciplinary action, including a call home to your parents.  If you complete an assignment with the help of a partner, your answers must still be your own – no credit will be given for carbon copied answers. 


    ALL students will receive weekly progress reports, on Fridays, unless noted on my website. Please keep an eye on the Parent Portal, or ask to see your student's progress reports for a weekly update.  Any report with a grade below an 80 needs to be signed by a parent and returned on the next school day.  If a signed progress report is not returned (or I have not received correspondence from a parent or guardian) on the next class day the student will owe detention.  Multiple occurrences will result in specifically assigned detentions, contact home and/or a request for a parent-teacher conference.



    Portfolio Assignment:  Success in this course is achieved in part by being able to review periodically throughout the semester.  This is most successful if all materials given to you are kept in an organized fashion.  You have two options for organizing your portfolio:

    By Unit: I, II, III, etc.

    By Item:  Notes, Writing Prompts, Homework, Tests, etc.


    You will be told in advance what work you will be required to keep in your portfolio.  Portfolios will be graded at the end of each marking period.


    Miscellaneous Stuff:

    Be sure to keep an eye on the homework board (and my website/Google Classroom) – any assignments/daily quiz questions you have will be on the board the Friday before the week the work is due (as much as possible) – work turned in early is a beautiful thing!!!

    Extra help is always available – see me to work out a time that’s best for you.

    Your attitudes set the tone for this class – this is your class.  There are rewards for superior effort and participation.  This also applies to the amount of homework assigned!  You are in middle school now, and definitely have the ability to act responsibly, and make appropriate and responsible choices.  J  I will always be upholding my end of the bargain to help you achieve success in this class – you have to be willing to uphold yours.


    Your first assignment:

    Take this home and review it with your parent/guardian, and have them sign below return to me.  After signing and turning this in, keep the course outline sheet in the front of your binder (Parent signature due by Monday, September 11th for a 100).



    Dear Parent/Guardian:


    After reviewing our course introduction with your student, please sign below.  I have included my classroom phone number and my e-mail address below.  Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your student’s progress or any questions that may arise.  Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to working with you in helping your student attain their highest level of achievement in United States History!






    Mrs. LaFave





    Student Name: ____________________________________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________________________


    Student Signature: _________________________________________________________________