Business Office Contacts

  • Beth Lamb
    Beth Lamb
    Business Administrator 
    Phone: 315-495-4446 
    Kelly Johnson
    District Treasurer
    Phone: 315-495-4445
     Michelle Hillenbrand
    Tax Collector
    Phone: 315-495-1904

District Budget/Finance/Audit Committee

  • The District's Audit Committee assists and advises the Board of Education on matters relating to the District's Audits. The Audit Committee is also charged with addressing fraud within the school district. If you suspect fraud you can report it to any committee member.

    Members of the Committee are:

    • Doug Reed - President SVCS BOE, (315) 525-6826
    • Kristin Guinto- BOE Member, (315) 956-1578
    • Jaime Renner- BOE Member (315)-264-1482