Message from the Superintendent

  • We Empower Students Through Education

    The 2018-19 school year is off to a great start! I hope all of you have been enjoying the fall. I know I say this every year; however, it is always hard to believe how fast the days go once school begins.

    Here are a few updates for all of you!

    Stanley Leone Jr

    We started of the year inspired by the author of No Place Like Hope, Stanley Leone Jr. Stanley spoke about his difficult life growing up and how important it is for educators to listen to and understand their students. Stanley’s message was heart felt and inspiring. He spoke about a model that we would like to adopt at school. Our faculty and staff will attend training over the next several years.


    Our first Smart Bond project is complete. The district bought all new cameras with the Smart Bond money and added several cameras to our system. The additional cameras are one piece of our effort to increase the safety of the school building. As a reminder, when entering the building during the day, please use the elementary tunnel and sign in at the Business Office. I appreciate all of you that have done this since the beginning of school. This helps us know who is in the building in case of an emergency.

    Fire Safety

    Speaking of safety, October is fire safety month! I would like to thank the Munnsville Fire Department for all they do for the school and their continued partnership.

    Thank you for allowing your students to participate in the ELA and Math assessments last spring. Our participation rate in the spring was 91%, just short of the state required 95. The tests will continue to be two days this year. Every question has been written by a group of teachers, and most questions are released to be used for professional development. The district reviews the data for program gaps so that we can continually improve our instructional practices to meet the needs of all of our students. I am thankful that we have the ability to do this again as we did in the past, as it is a tool that will bring us closer to our mission. Thank you for supporting our efforts.


    As we move into November, I look forward to seeing so many of you at the play. Grease will be amazing. The students and faculty actors that are involved in the play are very excited about this.

    I also look forward to honoring our Veterans again this year at our Veteran’s Day Breakfast on November 8, 2018

    I wish all of you a great fall and Happy Holiday season.


    Cindy Stocker, Superintendent