Safety Committee

  • 2021-2022 Safety Committee Meetings

    • September 27, 2021 @ 2:40 p.m. - Blue Conference Room
    • January 24, 2022 @ 2:40 p.m . - Blue Conference Room
    • March 21, 2022 @ 2:40 p.m. - Blue Conference Room
    • May 23, 2022 @ 2:40 p.m. - Blue Conference Room


    • District-Wide Safety Plan

      Stockbridge Valley C. S. has developed a District-Wide Safety Plan to prevent and/or address emergency issues within the District in accordance with the Commissioner's Regulations 155.17, and provide for a safe learning environment for students, staff, and visitors to our school community.  The District's Plan was presented to the BOE at the June 8, 2021 meeting, public comment followed, and the Plan was adopted at the July 13, 2021 BOE meeting.  Questions regarding the plan may be addressed to the Superintendent- svickers@ or Business Administrator-


      Continuation of Operations- Public Health Emergency 

      The District Safety Committee reviewed the proposed Continuation of Operations - Public Health Emergency Plan in March 2021.  The Plan was adopted by the BOE on April 13, 2021, and is now attached as an Addendum to the District-Wide Safety Plan above as well as identified below.  Questions regarding the plan may be addressed to the Interim Superintendent- or Business Administrator-

      Continuation of Operations Plan



      Pesticide Reporting

      There were no pesticide applications since the beginning of the school year that were required to be identified in a periodic notification report as applicable.

      Summer School/School Year IPM Practice and Pesticide Application Notice:

      Dear Parents/Guardians & Staff: 

      Stockbridge Valley Central School uses Integrated Pest Management practices to reduce the use of pesticides in the Stockbridge Valley buildings and on the grounds. It is unlikely that the Stockbridge Valley campus will use pesticides this school year. New York State law requires that schools maintain a list of staff and parents who wish to receive written notice forty-eight (48) hours prior to a pesticide application at their school facility if the building will be occupied within seventy-two (72) hours of an application.

      If you wish to be included on this notification list, or would like further information on the Stockbridge Valley’s pesticides program, please contact Beth S. Lamb, Business Administrator at 495-4445 or write her at: 

      Stockbridge Valley C. S. 
      P.O. Box 732 
      6011 Williams Rd. 
      Munnsville, NY 13409


      2020 School Lead Drinking Water Report

      Stockbridge Valley C. S. has conducted the NYS DOH required 2020 School Lead in Drinking Water sampling on October 6, 2020, and received the report from Pace Analytical Services, LLC, as of November 5, 2020.  The report results identify all 72 samples conform to applicable standards with results significantly less than the NYSDOH Action level of 15 ppb.  No remediation is necessary at this time.  The report filed with the NYS DOH is attached as follows:

      2020 School Lead in Drinking Water Report


      Fire Inspection Reports

      Notice is hereby given that the annual inspection for 2020-2021 of all Stockbridge Valley Central School District buildings for fire hazards, which might endanger the lives of students, teachers and employees therein, has been completed.  The report is available at the Business Office, 6011 Williams Road, Munnsville, NY for inspection by all interested persons.


      Annual Asbestos Notification

      In accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1987 (AHERA), a copy of the Stockbridge Valley Central School District Asbestos Management Plan is available for review by appointment during business hours. Please contact Jason Walters, Work Crew Leader at 315-495-4495 if you would like to set up an appointment or if you have any questions.