Student Absences

  • Submitting Excuses
    Stockbridge Valley is creating systems that will help improve attendance through communication between parents and the school.  The first of these initiatives is a means for parents to more easily submit an excuse. You may:
    1. Submit an excuse electronically using our online form which goes directly to the school nurse.  
    2. Email an excuse to
    3. Send a handwritten or printed excuse form to school with your child 
    4. Mail a handwritten or printed excuse form to 
    Stockbridge Valley Central School
    PO Box 732
    Munnsville, NY 13409
    Attention: School Nurse 

    Attendance Policy
    The following is a summary of the Stockbridge Valley Central School District attendance policy.  A complete copy of the attendance policy (Policy #7005) is available through the Stockbridge Valley District office.
    The District recognizes a critical relationship between class attendance and student academic performance.  The Board, Administration, and staff of the district recognize that regular classroom attendance is an essential part of a successful educational program.  There is a critical relationship between academically engaged time and student performance.  It is each student's basic responsibility to be on time and attend all classes.  
    The district will support and encourage a student's efforts to maintain or improve school attendance.  Students with unexcused absences will be disciplined according to the provisions set forth in the district's code of conduct.
    Excused Absences
    The following reasons for student absences from school are recognized as excused:
    • Personal illness or health issue
    • Serious illness or death in the family
    • Impassable roads
    • Religious observance
    • Court appearance
    • Attendance at health clinics, (hospital, doctor, dentist)
    • Approved educational field trip
    • Approved work program
    • Approved college visit or interview
    • Military obligations
    • Disciplinary detention of an incarcerated youth
    • Any other reason approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Education 
    *Any other absence is considered unexcused.*
  • Excuses
    All instances of an excused absence require a written explanation from the parent/guardian within three days of the absence.  The excuse must identify the date/time of absence, the reason for absence, tardiness, or early departure, and parent/guardian signature.  Students failing to present an excuse prior to an early departure or upon returning back to school following an absence or tardiness with three days of the absence will be subject to the absence being recorded as "unexcused" with the possibility of denial of course credit as defined in the Board of Education Regulation #7005.
    Disciplinary Sanctions
    When other forms of intervention fail, nonacademic sanctions, including the loss of privileges (e.g. participation in interscholastic sports or in extracurricular activities, attendance at school-sponsored events), may be imposed.
    Excessive or unreasonable absences and tardiness may properly be the basis for disciplinary action.  The use of detentions related to unexcused absence from school is authorized.  In-school suspensions are authorized with administrative discretion.

    Reference Section 3214 of Education Law.
    Tardiness in the High School occurs when the pupil is not present at the start of the designated school day, and/or any given start of a class period.  Three unexcused incidences of tardiness to school and/or any class period will be counted as one unexcused absence in defining a pupil's total unexcused absences and potential for denial of course credit.
    Tardiness in the Elementary school occurs when the pupil is not present at the start of the designated school day.  Three unexcused incidences of tardiness to school will be counted as on unexcused absence in defining the pupil's total unexcused absences.  Unexcused absences totaling more than 10% of a student's daily attendance may be reported to the Department of Social Services for educational neglect.

    Written notification to parents concerning student's absences, tardiness or early departures, will take place at 10 absences for full-credit courses, and intervals of 5 absences for 1/2 credit courses.  The correspondence will include information that resource/support personnel are available.