Elementary News

  • october

    This year is off to a great start! Students and staff are happy to be back at school. We are busy doing great things and learning tons. This month we introduced our first C.O.U.G.A.R. trait - Courageous. 

    Courageous cougars exhibit the ability to persevere through challenging tasks, keep trying, and do the right thing even when it is difficult. Each month staff looks for students who are exhibiting these traits to be recognized with cougar paws on the announcements and possibly, at the assembly. At this time we are working on creating a virtual assembly to honor our students who are exhibiting our cougar traits. More information on the assemblies will be available shortly.

    Due to COVID-19 regulations and protocols, we will be unable to hold our annual Halloween parade. Instead of sending in a costume for your child, we would like to celebrate Halloween by wearing orange and black on Friday, October 30th. Feel free to wear your favorite Halloween shirt or pajamas on this day. Classes will be celebrating with small classroom celebrations. Snacks provided must be individually wrapped and store bought. Your child's teacher will be sending home more information about their specific classroom celebration. 

    Unfortunately, at this time, our building remains closed to visitors.