Elementary News

  • Welcome to the Stockbridge Valley Elementary Office News Page!
    There is so much happening at Stockbridge Valley this summer! We have new faculty and staff and some of our teachers are moving to different grade levels and classrooms!
    We will start by introducing our new Interim Principal, Mr. Dana Chapman. Some of you may recognize Mr. Chapman from his time with us in the high school. Mr. Chapman will be with us this year in the elementary office but will be working with both the high school and elementary. We are excited to welcome him back to our school!
    Mrs. Julie Suber will be out of the classroom this year. Mrs. Suber will be our CSE Chairperson this year. Her office will be in the elementary office as well but she will be working with the committee on special education.
    Ms. Barb Holmes is moving from her position as a 5th grade teacher, into our Reading Specialist position. Mrs. Holmes has already started working on ELA and reading programs for the 2017-2018 academic year!
    Mrs. Natalie Lambertson is moving downstairs to 2nd grade this year. She is filling Mrs. Suber's position and is a welcomed addition to 2nd grade!
    Mrs. Erica Laraby is welcoming the addition of her 2nd child this summer and will return to school in January. We would like to congratulate Mrs. Laraby and her family and wish them all well this summer! In addition to welcoming her second child, Mrs. Laraby is also moving up to teach 4th grade this year with Mrs. Spinella. We welcome Miss Fitzgerald back to 4th grade as a long-term substitute for Mrs. Laraby while she is on maternity leave this fall.
    Mrs. Melissa Latella will take Mrs, Laraby's place in 3rd grade.  Mrs. Latella has extensive experience teaching 3rd grade and is excited to fill the position.
    Ms. Samantha Stedman will be a new face in the building this year. Ms. Stedman will be joining Mrs. Wright as a 5th grade teacher this year.
    Ms. Angela Kramer is joining us thie year as a new kindergarten teacher. Ms. Kramer will be filling Mrs. Latella's position and we are excited to welcome her to our Stockbridge family!
    Mrs. Sheryl Whipple is another  new face that you will see around the building this year. Mrs. Whipple is joining the team as a special education teacher in the elementary school.
    Please join us in giving all of our new faculty and staff a warm Stockbridge Valley welcome. As always, thank you for your support. Especially this year as many members of our faculty and staff transition into new roles in the building.