Elementary News

  • I can’t believe we are already in December! We have been incredibly busy learning and growing that the time is flying by.  As we enter into the busy, exciting month of December please remember that they more we can maintain a regular routine and schedule, the more our students are able to focus and enjoy all of the wonderful learning opportunities throughout the next few weeks!

    A few weeks ago, our children were able to spend time with Tom Varano, national speed painter and inspirational speaker.  Locally from Rome, Mr. Varano speaks of his own life experiences and inspires students to Dream B.I.G. B.I.G. stands for (B) Books, (I) Individuals, and (G) Goals. He spoke to our students about learning all they can from books and school, being individuals who do the right thing, stand up for others, and follow their passions and individuality, and have a goal in which they put everything into to succeed.  You may have seen the bracelets that your children came home wearing with this saying. As you walk into our building, be on the look out for some of paintings that he did for our school! Throughout the year, we will be focusing on this theme about Dreaming B.I.G. and how we can use our purpose and our passion to reach our greatest potential.

    Our C.O.U.G.A.R trait for the month of December is Optimistic.  Being optimistic means believing in yourself that you can accomplish what you want to and need to in order to grow as an individual.  It means trying your hardest even through difficult tasks and being positive about the outcome. Optimists see the opportunity in every difficulty and are grateful for the things they have.  Faculty and staff will be looking to award C.O.U.G.A.R. paws to students showing optimism throughout the month of December. Shining Star awards will be awarded for demonstrating optimism at our December Character Education Assembly.  

    As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns 315-495-4550.

    Happy Holidays!

    Julie Suber

    K - 6 Principal