School Safety Information

  • At our School Safety Community Forum on May 3, we reviewed our district's current safety processes and discussed improvements to our building safety, recommended by local law enforcement and safety experts. If you missed the meeting, you can find an overview of the presentation below. In a few days, you can also find a summary of the community discussion.

    Current Safety Plan Processes
    Staff Training: SHELL Training, Fire Safety, DASA Training, Emergency Preparedness, Threat/Risk Assessments and Procedures, Clerical/Entry Area Procedures
    Student Training: 4 Lockdown Drills, 8 Fire Drills, DASA Overview
    Facilities: Access Control Procedures, Building and Room Keys, Entry Buzzer System

    What is SHELL?
    SHELL is an emergency response system used by schools and businesses across NYS. It helps provide a common language when communicating about emergency



  • Recommended Improvements
    *One Point of Entry
    *Shatterproof Film 
    *Mirrored Film 
    *Solid Steel Entrance Doors
    *Solid Classroom Doors or Decrease Size of Window
    *Kick Bars on Classroom Doors
    *Cameras on Outside Doors
    *Keys for Substitutes
    *Keys for Law Enforcement
    *Steel Bars (panes)
    *Change Outside Locks
    *School Safety Officer (SRO)
    *Employee Identification Badges

    Not Recommended
    Metal Detectors
    SRO assigned to admit people into the building