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Teachers Learn from Literacy Expert

Oliva    teachers observe classroom     third graders  afternoon session

On October 2nd, Alison Peto, a kindergarten teacher at Stockbridge Valley, sat in a classroom with other colleagues and teachers from across the MOBOCES region watching someone else teach her class. They had the unique experience of observing literacy expert, Olivia Wahl leading students in reading lessons. It is all part of a partnership with MOBOCES Staff and Curriculum Development to provide K-5 independent reading instruction. Last year the focus was on balanced writing.


Participating teachers attend half-day sessions in which they work with Wahl to plan lessons, watch her demonstrate the lesson in the room, and then debrief and reflect on successes and improvements. When Wahl is demonstrating the lesson, teachers in that session watch her via video from a remote location.


Peto observed Wahl leading her students in reading lessons. A teacher for 19 years, Peto said she has implemented these best practices in her classroom. “It’s great to see Olivia work with my students… It reinforces and supports what I have been working on with them (counting words and matching letters),” she said.


“These lab sessions give teachers a wonderful experience of not only deepening their understanding of the reading process but actually seeing instructional practices and processes that they have learned put into action with students,” said Wahl.


This week’s sessions at Stockbridge districts sending educators to the demonstration sessions are from Canastota, Camden, Madison, Morrisville-Eaton, Rome, VVS and Stockbridge Valley.