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SVCS Celebrates Thanksgiving Classroom Activities

Tom Turkey Disguise artwork 

Ninja turkey   Kiss turkey   Tom turkey

Turkey bulletin board   tom turkey

Tom turkey   Tom turkey


Pre-K Native American Pow Wow in Mrs. Zebrowski and Mrs. Ricketts classroom

Madison-Oneida BOCES Pre-K students at Stockbridge Valley celebrated Thanksgiving in Mrs. Zebrowski and Mrs. Ricketts classroom on Tuesday, November 20th. They learned about a Pow Wow or gathering of Native Americans and writing stories on skin. 

Pre K Pow Wow   Pre K Pow Wow

Pre-K Pow Wow   Pre K pow wow


Stockbridge Valley Kindergartners Share What They Are Thankful For

Kindergarteners in Mrs. Peto and Mrs. Kramer’s classrooms--along with Teacher Aides, Mrs. Collins and Ms. Griff--celebrated the Thanksgiving season today with some festive fun. Students wore pilgrim’s hats and shared what they are thankful for this season. They also enjoyed oranges, along with cornbread and butter they made on Monday. “I am thankful for my family and my home,” said one student. #WeAreSVCS #Thanksgiving


Thankful feast  Thankful feast

Thankful feast   Thankful feast

 Kindergarten feast   thanks