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‘Country in a Bag’ Project

 Country in a bag project    sophia

Third graders in Mrs. Latella and Mr. Peto’s classroom at Stockbridge Valley Central School are studying World Communities in their social studies curriculum and learning about the different traditions and cultures around the world.

Last week the students in Mrs. Latella’s classroom presented their ‘Country in a Bag’ project presentations. One of her students, Sofia, did a presentation on Switzerland. Inside her bag was a boat for lakes and rivers, a paper soccer ball for the popular sport there, gloves for those who come to visit the mountains, paper Swiss money, and a whistle, which signifies fireworks that happen on Swiss National Day at the Rhine Falls each year. Another student, Collin, did a presentation on England. Inside his Country in a bag was a ball presenting the game of Cricket, England’s national sport, a LEGO tower which symbolizes tourism, paper money (pound), a king card, representing the monarchs and a toy whale for whale watching.

Mr. Peto third graders will present their projects in a couple of weeks.

 Bags with Country names and items in it