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Superintendent's Day Message: Help Students Find their Passion


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Superintendent, Cindy Stocker’s message to staff is to help our students find their passion. Sharing the 1975 yearbook message of “United We Stand,” we should work together for the good of the students. “It is our passion to help them (students) find their passion, to build their purpose in life so they can actualize and realize their potential,” she said.

Cindy also introduced interim high school principal, Michael Drahos (formerly Superintendent of Morrisville-Eaton).   

Varano’s message “Passion Becomes Purpose” featured stories that communicated the importance of having a dream and using passion to fuel the dream. His presentation features speed painting mixed with inspirational speaking. He will be back to Stockbridge Valley to do another presentation, this time to students.

Today, Superintendent’s Conference Day will continue with staff from MOBOCES training on Harrassment/DASA, Right to Know/bloodborne pathogens, and Law 2D. There will also be training for bus drivers, faculty meetings with Model Schools and instructional staff getting ready for the big day on Thursday as we welcome student back to school!


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