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It’s Cool to be Kind at Stockbridge Valley

Fourth graders in Mrs. Laraby’s class at Stockbridge Valley Central School District were recognized on Friday for spreading kindness to others. The ‘It’s Cool to be Kind’ initiative, presented by Kiss FM radio and WKTV News Channel 2, rewards students for doing good deeds with recognition and a pizza party. Mrs. Laraby downloaded a playing board filled with random acts of kindness. After all of the tasks were completed, she took a picture of the board with her class and submitted to for a chance to win a pizza party for the entire classroom.


"I had no doubt that my class this year would be a great candidate for this contest. They prove to me each and every day that they are a kindhearted, respectful and caring class. Doing these random acts of kindness come easy on a daily basis to my class and I knew this was the perfect task for them. They are very deserving of this recognition," said Laraby.


On Friday, October 18th KissFM and WKTV stopped by SVCS classroom. 

UPDATE: Mrs. Laraby was one of the grand prize winners of a $200 Target gift card. Mrs. Laraby will be using this gift card to add more flexible seating to her classroom. 

cool to be kind