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SVCS Senior Spotlight: Wyatt Douglas Reed

Nickname(s): big head, big guy 


School / Community Activities (please indicate whether you held a position, such as President, etc.):

 I’ve been captain of the varsity boys soccer team since 9th grade, Vice president of the skeet club in 10th, president of the skeet club in 11th. President of class in 9th. Vice president of the class in 11th grade. 


Future Plans: attend Cobleskill and enter the John Deere technician program and also play soccer


Likes: Hunting, Fishing, 2nd Amendment, soccer, quads, trucks, America


Dislikes: people, slow drivers, 


Most Respected Person(s): my father, my grandma, my mother, 


Favorite Song/Band: Zach Bryan


Favorite Quote (include who said it): “Peace will never be until we return to where we began” ~Douglas Reed 


Advice for Incoming Seniors: soak it in, it's some of the most fun you’ll ever have even during this pandemic my senior year has been pretty alright so take advantage of it and don't wish it away. Also do some dumb things they are fun.