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SVCS 2022 Senior Spotlight: Jillian Jacobs

SVCS 2022 Senior Spotlight: Jillian Jacobs

Name(s) of Parent/Guardian
Anita Smith and Kevin Jacobs

Plans after graduation
I will be attending college and working extensively on my studies, while pursuing a certification as Personal Fitness Trainer/Wellness Coach. I plan on investing my time and energy into helping others become their best selves, while also becoming my best self.

Extracurricular Activities (Clubs/Sports)
National Honor Society? Varsity Soccer Varsity Softball

Favorite SVCS Memory
6th grade "air band" performance. - Spirit weeks, pep rallies, 'Under the Lights' soccer games

I am most proud of:
My strength and perseverance to overcome the many challenges and struggles I've faced in the past years. - seeing my classmates and friends grow into amazing young adults.

I'd like to thank:
Mr. Peto, Mr. Kiser, Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Lehmann, and Mrs. Waldron for always believing in me. Thank you for inspiring me to always keep pushing forwards, to always hold my head high, to always stay positive, and to always help and support others; I've learned so much from each and every one of you. Thank you for being my role models.