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SVCS Class of 2023 Senior Spotlight

My parents are Jessica and Merrick Marshall and Scott Graham.


Plans after Graduation:

I will be attending Hartwick College. I plan to get my bachelor’s degree majoring in Sociology and minoring in Criminal Justice. Once I'm done with college, I plan to become a Child Protective Specialist. I wish to make sure all the homes children are placed into in foster care are an actual safe and loving environment for them.


Favorite SVCS Memory:
Creating our gang "Purple Thugs" in elementary school with one of my best friends, Brienna Tehan, we made so many inside jokes and, in 6 grade, everyone in class was so curious about why we were always laughing and what the word "extreme" meant. I also appreciate all the little hangout spots.


I am most proud of:

I'm most proud of all my sports accomplishments and the person I will be when I walk across that stage for graduation. I've come far as a daughter, a sister, a student, a teammate and as a person the whole along the way. I couldn't be happier and prouder of the person I am today.