Emergency Day Status

No freebie snow days

March 7, 2019

Emergency Day Status

In light of the weather that we have experienced this winter, I wanted to give an update of the district’s emergency day status. This year the district built and the Board of Education developed a calendar that allowed for six emergency days, typically called snow days as that is primarily how the days are used. To date the district has used five of the six emergency days.

Education Law Sec 3604(7) allows the commissioner to grant waivers in certain situations so long as “the commissioner finds that such district cannot make up such days of instruction by using all scheduled vacation days.

Therefore, the granting of additional days through the waiver process cannot happen unless we exhaust our emergency days and cancel Spring break completely. 

With  one (1) additional emergency day left, I will try to use delays if I am able. If we need to use another emergency day, April 22 will be a regular attendance day. I hope this does not happen, however there are no other options at this point.

If you have any questions or would like further clarification, please feel free to reach out. 

Cindy Stocker